Multi Device Charging Dock

Multi Device Charging Dock

Looking for a Charging station for your phone? 

Hi! Today were doing a review of the Amplyfe Multi Device Charging dock. What were going to talk about is something that usually plagues people in the electronic community. Charging all of your electronics. Maybe its because you don't have enough wall plugs... maybe its the crazy amount of cables that you trip over in the middle of the night by accident, forcing you to stumble your way to the kitchen. Or perhaps, you just hate clutter. No matter the reason, this is for the people who want to add a little bit more organization to their electronic device kingdom. Enter our docking station and why it could help benefit your life! 

Price & Packaging

lets start off with the important stuff. At $29.99 (free shipping), the product came in a nice bubble wrapped package that was protected. Shipping took a little longer than amazon would... but in my mind it wasn't that big of a deal. Picture below of what the package looked like when it came. Well protected and of course wasn't damaged at all. 

All in one product

The charging dock that we recommend is the 4-1 Multi device. It will charge different kinds of electronics. So whether you are strictly Apple either with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with the Airpods and matching iWatch, or Android warrior with the Pixel 4, you can charge your phone. The docking station is equipped with a USB C port, a lightning port, a place to put your smart watch (cable not included), a place for your headphones to dock and the phone charger swivels. This makes it super easy to charge multiple phones and you aren't stuck to just one type of electronic either. 

It also contains wireless charging with 10 watt maximum output. It can charge the latest and greatest phones at the speed of Captain Kirk's "Beam me up Scottie!". Okay, so maybe it can't charge that fast but you get the point. That leaves you with the what color do you want? Its offered in black and white, for the sake of this review we went with the black option. Both are nice and its light weight with a non slide bottom.


The list of phones that it works with are as follows, although it pretty much charges anything with these types of connectors I'd imagine. 


iPhone: 11/11 Pro | Xs/Xs Max | Xr | X | 8/8 Plus | 7/7 Plus | 6s, 6 
iWatch: Series 5 | 4 | 3 | 2
Airpods: Series III | II | I


Galaxy S10+/10/10e | S9/S9+ | S8/S8+/| S7/S7 Edge | S6/ S6 Edge
Note: 10+/10 | 9 |  8 | 7 


G8 | V40 | G7 | V50 | Stylo 5 | V35

I'm sure there's more devices but the more recent ones are the ones that were tested. I'm looking at you Motorola, I think this covers most android and Apple phones though. 

What's the verdict? 

I personally recommend this product to others if they are looking for a good organizational tool. If you can wait a week or two for delivery and aren't wanting to pay $100 for a product that sits on your night stand all night. I'd say $29.99 is a good starting point for a place to hold your devices at night and they charge them

I suppose if you want to get your hands on one, you can click this link to get your hands on it.